Why Choose Me?

There are so many photographers out there, and not only can it be hard to sort through the beginners and the experts but it can be hard to find one that is a good fit for you and your style as well.

I’m here to make that easier for you, lay it all out on the table, and to see if we’d be a good match. Let me tell you why I’m different than the others, why I’m not just another photographer.

Photoshop World Retouching winner

One of my biggest strengths is my retouching skills. At a world-wide conference in Las Vegas called Photoshop World I was awarded for my retouching skills out of thousands of other professional level photographers. And while that is fun, the best part of my retouching skills is that you have access to it on your own photos.

We won’t have to worry about people in the background, garbage, blemishes, hairs out of place, wrinkled clothes, ugly backgrounds, everyone looking at the same time, you name it and I’ve got you covered. This comes in handy when we need to work fast while we are shooting. It will give your images that polished professional look you love while keeping it natural and clean.

If you’d like to see some of my before and after image edits to see a little bit of what I can do, click HERE.

You’ll get your images back within a week!

I work very quickly without losing any attention to detail. Time is important, and the quicker we can work, the better. I’m efficient while we are out shooting, when I’m behind my camera, or in front of my computer.

And because I am so quick, you get your images back faster! Because who wants to wait forever for their images? The closer you get your images back from the day of the event, the better. It doesn’t take longer than a week to get them all back and looking beautiful, and if it’s a wedding, it never takes more than 2 weeks. That’s important. Posting about your wedding several months after it’s happened is just too late.

What about locations?


I take time to practice shooting in a variety of different locations, both beautiful and ugly. This way no matter what situation I am put in or wherever I have to shoot, I know tricks of the trade to make any image look professional. It’s easier to make a beautiful image in a beautiful place, but if we are in a “uglier” place having a photographer who knows how to transform it is essential.

But what about those beautiful locations, we want to shoot there if we can don’t we? If you need help with picking a location, I’ve put together a list of all kinds of spots so that we can find the one that will work best for you. Take a look at some odd or less beautiful places below and how I was able to transform it.

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

City Underpass

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

Church Parking Lot

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

Overgrown Parking Lot

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.


Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

City Streets

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

Apartment Stairwell

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

Potato Field

Slide the line on the image to see the before/after.

Waiting Room

That magical lighting

I know how to use my lighting. And I don’t just mean I know how to use my off camera flash, but I know how to use the light around me as well. I know how the sunlight wraps around and hits people, how it reflects, how it bounces off of walls, and how to get those amazing light effects so you get that warm glow of light every time.

And of course, since I am The Light Seeker, I always am looking for that light coming from other people. I love those natural and real moments that show who a person is on the inside.


I work well with people, and especially with children. Having a photographer who isn’t shy, can direct you, and can get those genuine natural poses is so important. You won’t have to worry about everyone looking at the same time, and I’ll even try to make it a good time rather than sit here and pose here.

My job is to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera, and hopefully even gain some confidence so we can get those images that really show who YOU are.

I’m Competitive

I’ve been published in several photography books, and have a 90% winning rate for bringing home a ribbon/prize in contests I’ve entered. I’m competitive, and I’m determined to make your photos count.

I’m Top of my class

Experience and talent are on my side, and I’ve been training hard since the beginning. As a freshman in college I was a Teaching Assistant for juniors and seniors in my major. I love what I do and I strive to always be on top.

I’m experienced

I’ve got 6 years of experience under my belt and am a fast learner. I make every session count and am constantly finding deeper and better ways to do things. But to truly experience my knowledge, you’ll have to wait until our session 😉


I was awarded the Deseret Digital Media scholarship for my outstanding skills with visual media, as well as the Gordon B. Hinckley Award (elected by college professors), and not to mention I was voted most likely to succeed in 7th grade! =D

Posing and Model experience

I know what it’s like in front of the camera, and it can be intimidating! Especially when you don’t know what to do. Through modeling myself I’ve learned tricks and ways to make you feel more comfortable and to loosen up in front of the camera, and hope to make you feel that way in return.

I’ve also studied posing in depth and talked with some of the top photographers in the world and can help you with how to pose. Whether you prefer the editorial and glamorous look or the natural and unposed look I’ve got you covered.