There has never been a project where I have had so many ideas that I have wanted to do. I think I could make t-shirts for a living and be totally happy! I started sketching and looking up ideas for a long time and came up with all of the following ideas.


I came up with a couple fun phrases that I thought would be fun to put on a t-shirt, and I also came up with some fun designs as well. I really liked the idea of drawing a really complex ornament and putting it on the bottom half of a t-shirt, because I am 8 months pregnant and it seemed appropriate and fun.


I then started to draw the ornament. I would start by drawing a shape, and instead of drawing it several different ways in different spots I would copy it and rotate it so I didn’t have to do as much work. It also created uniformity. I started with the biggest shapes, and worked my way down to the smallest ones to fill in the spaces. This is the draft that I came up with, and I was having a rough time deciding how to color it, as you can see.



I gathered critique from several different people, and it was useful. Most of the people said they liked how I colored the bottom right one. I agreed with them, but wanted to do it a little differently. Instead of coloring the ornament as a whole, I wanted to take the different designs and color them by the designs. The following is what I came up with for that.

Final Design



I liked how my final design turned out. I wanted to make sure to design it with fewer than 4 colors, since the more colors you use the more expensive the t-shirt. I wanted it to be cute, since pregnant women are my target audience, and I wanted it to look Christmasy since it is a Christmas t-shirt! The colors can be changed pretty easily, and the color of the shirt can also easily be changed to add more color that way!