The George/Harrell Family Pictures

This family was so energetic and fun! They are definitely still kids on the inside and I loved working with them=) We went to Ru Inn in St Anthony for their family pictures, and were able to enjoy one of the last nice days of the season. They are in my ward and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them all!

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MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-31 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-30 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-26 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-23 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-15 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-7 2 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-4 MeganKelly-George-Harrell-Family-Extended-1 2