Okay, it just doesn’t get more fun than this. As if the beauty of the urban and rural of Michigan wasn’t enough, add smoke bombs and a little fashion into the mix and things get really fun real fast. Using smoke bombs in a shoot is a sure way to make things fun and definitely a way to make them unique. We went to downtown Detroit and also the beautiful woods that are around every corner in Michigan. And if you look closely (and our soaked hair doesn’t give it away) you can see we did the woods shoot entirely in pouring rain. Dancing with smoke bombs in the rain without a care. It was therapeutic.

The smoke bombs are Enola Gaye smoke grenades and they work great. They go off for about 60-90 seconds, and come with a steep learning curve. We learned quickly to have poses and ideas in mind beforehand, to watch where the wind and air currents were going, and how fast to move the smoke bomb to get the effect we wanted. Watch out for the smoke getting in your eyes or throat, but really it’s not bad. People also warn about it staining clothes (we wore white and didn’t ever see any stains) but you will definitely need a shower afterwards!

Seriously, check these out, and don’t forget to tell me which are your favorites because I am still new at this too.

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