Individuals and Seniors

Lindsay’s Seniors

Lindsay's Seniors This very very very beautiful girl is ready to graduate and find her own way in life! She wants to go into law-enforcement, I mean how cool is that? She lives in Utah but was in Michigan visiting her sister (The Manns) and we made the most of her...

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Barbara’s Seniors

Willow Metropark, Michigan Can you believe the glow of Barbara's skin? We took her senior pictures at Willow Metropark, Michigan, during the peak of the fall colors here and it was beautiful. I love working with seniors and I've discovered that there are two types....

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Lizzie’s Seniors – Willow Metropark

Willow Metropark, Michigan I get to know clients pretty quickly when you photograph them, and Lizzie was one of the easiest to understand. She is (obviously) gorgeous and has amazing hair, and she is very happy and has a contagious smile. She was so confident in front...

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Smoke Bombs and Sparklers

SMOKE GRENADE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Okay, it just doesn't get more fun than this. As if the beauty of the urban and rural of Michigan wasn't enough, add smoke bombs and a little fashion into the mix and things get really fun real fast. Using smoke bombs...

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Fairy Mia

I absolutely love when clients want to have some fun and really get creative with their photos. Sweet little Mia here wanted to be a Fairy, and so we did just that! It’s so fun to see fairy tales come true! We went into the woods and into the flowers for her shoot, here in Woodhaven and Southgate, Michigan.

The beautiful little flower wreath on her head was actually her mother’s when she was a little girl, how sweet is that?! Little fairy Mia is to die for, and look at those eyes!!

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Sister Bennett – Micronesia Guam

Emily Bennett, my little sister, will soon become Sister Bennett as she has been called to serve an LDS mission in Micronesia Guam! She leaves this October, and I am absolutely positive she is ready. She’s studying, learning about their culture, focused on Christ, and absolutely excited. I will miss her terribly, but I know she will do amazing things and come back an even better person because of this choice and commitment she has made. Take a look at her radiant self, it seeps from the inside out.

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Hannah’s Seniors

My last baby sister is all grown up and a senior! When did that happen?! And how old does that make me? We traveled across the country for her senior pictures and hit some amazing places including Lake Michigan, Traverse City, Lighthouses, Palmyra NY, and all over Michigan.

Hannah is also a photographer, and is following in her oldest sister’s footsteps (yay!) and doing some awesome image and design work in high school. I can’t wait to see where she goes in her life. Check out our awesome trip below!

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Aubrey’s Seniors – Elizabeth Park MI

Aubrey’s Senior shoot was a collection of little miracles. There had been storms everywhere all day, but they all seemed to stop right above the location where we were shooting, Elizabeth Park. It started sprinkling twice, but it went away within 10 minutes. The light worked well, and at the end we got an amazing sunset over the river that we just could not stop looking at. It’s a good reminder that when things are hard in life or things seem to be going wrong that there are little miracles everywhere, and every stage is beautiful. Good luck to Aubrey in these next few years of her life!

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Ana Belt – Senior Pictures

It’s starting to get really beautiful here in Michigan, just in time for these BEAUTIFUL senior pictures of Ana. We got a sunny, windless, warm perfect day at Elizabeth park. Her sister came along which was great to have another pair of eyes to watch for hair or outfit flaws, they are both such sweet girls. I especially love their hair, they are like real life Rapunzels!

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Merry Christmas from Brielle

This girl is just too cute not to take pictures of, and Christmas called for a fun theme so we simply wish you a Merry Christmas from little Brielle! She loved all of the lights and I love how the light played back with her.

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Background Swap – Creative Senior Shoot

My sister Emily and I wanted to do more of her senior pictures, but ran into a classic problem. It was cold, ugly, and windy outside and we didn’t want to go drive anywhere amazing. Typical day in Rexburg. But we wanted to take some senior pictures before I left back for Michigan!

Then I thought of a way to get around it. I have already been to amazing places. So for her senior pictures we went to Moab, the mountains, Bannack Montana, Michigan, Island Park, and several parks without even leaving our living room. I gathered the images with cool backgrounds, and then took an image of her that matched the lighting in the photo, and added her in! It was definitely different and a fun new way to go about being lazy haha. Some are better than the others, but it was fun!
(All images have the background replaced, but these first few are examples are so you can see what I am talking about.)

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