Families and Groups

Baby E’s First Birthday

Baby E just turned 1 year old, and from my time with her I know she loves to explore, loves to move around, and LOVES my big props.

Gabe and Natalie – Engagements

Idaho Mountains and BYUI Greenhouses This engagement session was unique for a lot of reasons. Natalie is from Idaho, so we got some stunning (FREAKING COLD) shots out in the mountains, I'm talking negative 10 degrees with wind people. And Gabe is from...

The Fletchers – Winter Snow

So you know that huge snow storm we had today? Well if you saw some crazy people at the park taking pictures it was probably us haha. Though when you see these pictures you will probably think we are a little less crazy, I mean, look at this magic! Little baby Thea was somehow smiling and cooperative (with some help from her stuffed animal friend), and I mean come on, the Fletchers are always gorgeous. I love the snow, and am so glad it’s finally snowing, but I am definitely glad to be back indoors. Go grab that mug of hot chocolate and check these out.

Christmas Tree Farm – Mcclures

I’ve always wanted to shoot at a Christmas Tree Farm, and I found a very cute one with kind people! The Huron Christmas Tree Farm! They have tons of trees to choose from, and you get to cut them down yourself. It was the cutest waiting for them to come and seeing all the families and couples showing up to find their Christmas Tree. The Mcclures and I met on a cold crisp morning, and their 4-year-old daughter was a doll. She definitely loved her mommy =) The fog, the evergreen trees, and love, it was a great morning. 

Baby Grayson

I got to play with this sweet baby boy just after Thanksgiving, and what a perfect time to come into the world. His trooper mother is an OBGYN herself, and got to experience a birth from the point of view of the mother, so it was so interesting hearing her thoughts and how different it is and how much it has opened her eyes. He is a loved little boy and was so patient with me moving him around all the time. It will be so fun (and sad) to watch him grow and grow and grow.

The Manns

Rainy Fall Michigan Day I love the Manns! They recently moved away so I was glad for an excuse to meet them for new family photos. They have to gorgeous children with AMAZING eyes and hair, it's unbelievable. We had tons of rain and the weather was moody, but we made...

The Kelly’s – Lake Michigan

New Buffalo, Lake Michigan When you do your own family photos, you make sure that they're epic and special to you. I love the Great Lakes, and I mean LOVE, so we drove 3 hours to a beautiful beach on Lake Michigan in New Buffalo. Along Lake Michigan there are usually...

The Heatons – Fall in Michigan

Willow Metropark and Sterling State Park Fall for Michigan is here in the form of WIND and COLD and RAIN. What made this session so special to me was despite the three crumby conditions above (and I mean INTENSE wind, and pouring rain!) they never complained to me,...

The Womacks in Fall

Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan Can you say BRR?! 39 degrees Fahrenheit and this family was a trooper, no complaining, all smiles. We met at Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan, and found some amazing trees in the back that still had some yummy fall colors in them....

Templetons 2017

Lower River Rouge Recreation Trail I love the Templetons! The kids are getting more and more comfortable with me, and for this adventure we went to the Lower River Rouge Recreation Trail in Canton, Michigan. The fall leaves were still pretty good here, and we had a...

The Wasdens – A New Country Home

I have grown up with the wardens, watching them add member after member, and this time the big change is a new beautiful country home! Though I will miss having them next door to my parent’s home, this home is perfect for this family and all their fun loving needs. Including family pictures! There is beautiful land, fall colors, and even beautiful mountain ranges in the distance that we definitely took advantage of. I will always hold the Wasdens so high in my heart, if you’re looking for a great example of a family, you’ve found them. 

Holdaway Family

Sterling State Park on Lake Erie I love the Holdaways! They are practically second owners to our sweet dog, and they are always making me laugh when I am with them. For their family pictures they wanted that classic Michigan look while still staying close to home, and...