Families and Groups

Dyal Family

Detroit Family The Dyal family is at a very exciting time in their life. One child is engaged, one is headed to college, and they are transitioning their family life for the better and adding new people and experiences. This may well be the very last time it will be...

The Bannos

4 Year Anniversary - Palmer Park, Michigan Weddings are great and should be celebrated, but what is really worth celebrating are anniversaries. Another year of ups and downs, another year closer, and another year together. I loved seeing the happiness and connection...

Lichtenberg Family

At Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, Michigan I love the drumroll of a waiting family expecting another member. Their son is such an adventurous cutie, and mommy looks amazing with that little baby bump. And it's going to be a girl! They were a very sweet and contagiously happy...

Samir Baptism

I love seeing friends and family all gather together to celebrate something, and this little guy was definitely worth celebrating! Little baby Samir was adorable, and seriously loved having his picture taken. Samir was baptized on August 12th, 2017 surrounded by his...

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Wildflowers)

Okay, don’t these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I’m not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some amazing places! This section of wildflower field was open to the public, beautiful, huge, and so close to town. That’s one thing I love about Michigan, the city life and country life are never far apart.

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Graffiti)

Graffiti Alley See Part 2 of the Long family at the wildflower fields here. Okay, don't these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I'm not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some...

Baby Tanner

Baby Tanner Newborn Photography Baby Tanner (Tanner Rex, how cute is T-Rex?!) was born this last month and is such a doll. He definitely did not like me moving him constantly and not being cuddled by his parents, but with lots of milk and convincing he even opened his...

Newborn Baby Brielle

A new little baby girl has entered this beautiful Michigan world, and she is baby #5 in this family! I loved working twice with this family this month, and with 5 young kids these shoots were as crazy and as fun as you can imagine.

DeFatta Maternity – Willow Metropark

DeFatta Maternity - Willow Metropark A close to one chapter, and a beginning of another. I love maternity shoots, it's a celebration of life as it is, and excitement as you start a new life with a new member of the family. And I think it goes without saying that there...

Stewart Family – Willow Metropark

Gosh have you ever seen a better looking family? Not only did the Stewart family look on point, but the weather and the location played out perfectly for us as well. Sweet little baby S was well behaved, and we even got a few smiles out of her which was great since she usually has her classic “crusty” face haha. We went to Willow Metropark and it was beautiful, the beautiful birds literally echoed through all the trees. This family is so kind to everyone and definitely need to be models, agreed?

Baby Elliott

I love this family. I had the chance to do some family photos a few months ago, before their sweet baby Elliott came and joined! His older brother is so so sweet to him, and couldn’t smile long enough for the camera before he’d be trying to look at his brother again. The entire family looks so young and great, and I always love the kindness and happiness they bring each time I see them. Welcome to the world baby E!

Southeast Michigan Blossoms

I love when the trees and bushes start to Blossom (finally) here in Southeast Michigan because it means that photography season is here again! And what a way to start it off. We took these in a parking lot, if you can believe it or not, here in Southgate. It’s so great to be able to have the skills to make any place look beautiful. (As if these trees and these girls aren’t beautiful already!) I hope you are enjoying the spring weather as much as I am, and feel free to contact me if you need any updated photos or have a wedding coming up.