Photoshop World Guru Entries

These are my pick for possible guru entries. I couldn’t limit it down to three, so help me out!

Megan Kelly - Portfolio - Best - Art - Photography - Rexburg Photographer - Photography - Baby

IMG_4708 2 IMG_4712 2

This is a popular image. I found an image like this on Pinterest, and I really wanted to recreate it. I set up my camera on a tripod, and had a remote and started taking pictures of myself. I know, creepy.

After I had taken a ton of images, I went to my computer to search for some that might work for the double exposure blend. Once I found them, I edited the images, removed the background, and blended them using several different layers until I got this final product! I was pretty pleased and everyone else seemed to love it too!


Sunset on the Lake - Levitation



Another one with Mary Beth! I took her to Egin, and had her sit on a stool so it looked like it was floating. I had natural sunset light on the back of her head, and a reflector hitting her from the front. I loved the lighting we got that night.

Editing was fun, I took the sky from another image and put it in as the sky. I also had to blend the sky into the water to get the sunset reflection. I lightened up her, smoothed her skin, and warmed the image a lot to give it that sunset feel.


3 2

This image was inspired from last year’s winner. I have been adding more to it and will probably keep going. I took an image before I got ready when I looked all nasty. I did it the same was as above, with a tripod and a remote. Once I had one I liked, I brought it into Photoshop and worked my magic.

I smoothed the skin, I sharpened and lightened the eyes, I added more hair, this image is all out. I added jewelry, which was tricky. I also lightened up the image a lot, and changed the shirt and lips to a deep red to give it an aggressive and powerful look. I hope to keep going with this image, and I hope it shows some of my skills!