Locations and Pricing Sheet

Date of Project

September 15th, 2015


I have designed two different materials for my clients to use. The first was a blog post about different locations to shoot in. Most clients don’t know very many good places to shoot, or only know the cliche places to shoot. With this blog post they can see all the different locations, how far away they are, if they require a gas fee, and sample shoots I have done in those locations previously. It also comes with a map that shows where each of the locations are. This blog post is password protected so only my clients can view it.
The second thing I created was a PDF that has all the information they need to know about my sessions. It includes pricing, package pricing, how long it will take to get the images back, how to share on Facebook, what each session type includes, etc. It is great for them to see all of that information before we do a session so they know what to expect and what they are getting. That PDF can be seen below.


4 hours – creating location blog post
30 min – creating location map
6 hours – creating session information PDF


This project will benefit my clients because they will have more information and more details than with other photographers. They can pick out a location and actually see what kind of shots they get there. It will also help my design skills and business skills.


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 4.39.34 PM