Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Movie Poster


MeganKelly-MoviePoster-MrAndMrsKelly MeganKelly-MoviePoster-MrAndMrsKelly-ZackKelly

For my Professional Imaging class, we had to create a movie poster of our choice as a way to introduce ourself to the class. I had no idea what to use for my cover at first, and then I saw the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie poster, and was instantly inspired. I am not one to choose the easy route or the simple design, but I loved the simplicity and idea of this cover. I have secretly always wanted to put me and Zack the Mr. and Mrs Smith movie poster. I am glad I got the chance to!

The photos I used to create the poster were less than great. It was one of those “okay let’s take my project pictures now”, and after church we stood against a wall in a dark basement and I snapped the pictures. I know, real professional.

After that I had to do some magic in Photoshop. A lot of magic. I had to Photoshop the bad lighting and the tired out of our face. Once I cut us out, all I had to do was add the text, and the bullet holes in the periods for Mr. and Mrs. I think it turned out pretty good!

Coming to theaters fall 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly!