How to do Levitation Photography

Levitation photography is just plain cool. It’s unique, it sets you apart from other photographers, and it allows a lot of creativity. Levitation is also challenging, so if you are looking for a self-assignment, this is it! This blog post will show some of my own levitation work, and at the end also tell you how to do it yourself!

You can do levitation photography almost anywhere, and with almost anything. You just need to come with an idea, and a few simple items of photography gear. Take a look at my levitation shots, enjoy!

MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-Books MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-Reader MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-Reading


This was the first levitation I ever did.

MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-Angel  vMeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-


Don’t forget you can levitate objects!

MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-TeaPot MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-Angel


Interested in trying it yourself? Alright, here’s how to do it!

Things You Will Need

  • Tripod
  • Editing Software
  • Model
  • Stool of some sort

Take First Shot (With Model)

OriginalSet up your tripod, get your settings all good to go, and take the image of your model first. Make sure that their clothes are over the stool in some way so that when you go to edit the stool out, theres not an obvious line of where the stool used to be. Also try flicking up hair or a skirt like she was in this photo (click to enlarge) to really enhance that levitation look. Take several, you never know which one you will like!

Once you have taken the shot with the model, DON’T MOVE YOUR TRIPOD. It’s important that it doesn’t move.

Take Second Shot (Without Model or Stool)

MeganKelly-Levitation-HowTo-Levitation-Levitate-Photography-Editing-Steps-AngelOnce you’ve got the first shot, without moving your tripod, move the model and the stool out of the photo and just take a picture of the background. Make sure that your focal point doesn’t change. The background was a little blurry on the first photo, so I will leave it that way in the second photo. Turn your lens to MF (manual focus) if you are having problems with the camera trying to refocus. Make sure to turn it back to AF (auto focus) when you are done.

You will use this image to put on top of the first image, and edit out the stool so that it looks like she was floating! On this particular image, I can do this edit in less than 2 minutes. See the video below for a quick tutorial on how I did this. Feel free to watch it as many times as you need to or to pause it so you can understand how I did it.

Edit Out the Stool!

And then you combine the two photos by putting the two images on top of each other, and masking out the stool! So simple! Here is a short fast video tutorial of how I did this particular image. Good luck!