How to Do a Photo shoot In Your Own Home

Learning how to do a photo shoot in your own home can be great for newborns, for sessions during the winter, and even for a mini studio! If you are not ready to invest in a lot of expensive things, then these are a few of my tips of how to shoot in your own home, and still have it look professional.


Backdrop Stand

MeganKelly-HowToDoAPhotoShootInYourHome-Cheap-HowTo-Portraits-Newborns-4This thing is seriously my favorite. It’s very very portable, it can go really wide to fit an entire family, and it is good quality for the price. A link to it can be found here. This is great because you can hook different backgrounds, blankets, sheets, etc to it and it will hold it perfectly in place for you! I love this for newborns. Put a bean bag underneath a baby, drape the blanket over it, and you are good to go!

The following photos used this method.



From the Window

MeganKelly-HowToDoAPhotoShootInYourHome-Cheap-HowTo-Portraits-Newborns-5Window light is amazing. And it even comes with a dimmer, also known as blinds! Natural light is soft, beautiful, and comfortable for any situation, especially indoors! Use the widows to your advantage. Feel free to also use lamps from around the house, a popular one with students on campus.


This is another one of my favorite ways to use the window. If you have bright light outside, just overexpose your image so the window is whited out, and then you get some beautiful silhouettes with just a hint of light seeping on the edges of your subject. So elegant. The following were taken using this method.



To the Wall

MeganKelly-Jaden-Sierra-Deming-ValentinesDay-ChildPhotography-Love-XOXO-Adorable-Rexburg-ForeheadKissAnother popular one is to put wrapping paper, or different backdrops on the wall, and let it fall and continue on the ground. Some people even put velcro on their backdrops, so they can just swap them out and change the backdrops easily. It’s great for babies and children.



Hang Things From the Ceiling

MeganKelly-HowToDoAPhotoShootInYourHome-Cheap-HowTo-Portraits-Newborns-9One advantage of indoor photography is the ceiling. You can hang anything you want from it, and it can create cool effects! I used rose petals and hung them from the ceiling to create this Valentines Day look for a music video I made. Try hanging all sorts of things!


SQIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

MeganKelly-HowToDoAPhotoShootInYourHome-Cheap-HowTo-Portraits-Newborns-2My amazing teacher came up with this acronym. The idea is that no matter where you are, you can get a studio quality image with a black backdrop. Even if there isn’t a black blanket or wall behind the subject. Just use a speed light, crank down the ISO, f-stop, crank up the shutter, and you can get shots like this! It takes practice, for a more in depth tutorial see the Speedlight Advanced tutorial I did!


Use Household Furniture/Items

Fotolia_25744690_L-60Throw a family or a subject on a couch! It looks very natural and comfortable. Use a cool wooden stool to sit a subject on. Take a look at this photo for example. Don’t be afraid to use every day things for an interesting photo.


Door Blanket

MeganKelly-HowToDoAPhotoShootInYourHome-Cheap-HowTo-Portraits-Newborns-1If this isn’t ghetto then I don’t know what is, but it totally works! Throw a blanket around a door, and then close the door for the perfect backdrop. It is good for individuals, newborns, and sometimes groups of 2 or 3.