Engagements and Couples

Gabe and Natalie – Engagements

Idaho Mountains and BYUI Greenhouses This engagement session was unique for a lot of reasons. Natalie is from Idaho, so we got some stunning (FREAKING COLD) shots out in the mountains, I'm talking negative 10 degrees with wind people. And Gabe is from...

The Bannos

4 Year Anniversary - Palmer Park, Michigan Weddings are great and should be celebrated, but what is really worth celebrating are anniversaries. Another year of ups and downs, another year closer, and another year together. I loved seeing the happiness and connection...

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Wildflowers)

Okay, don’t these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I’m not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some amazing places! This section of wildflower field was open to the public, beautiful, huge, and so close to town. That’s one thing I love about Michigan, the city life and country life are never far apart.

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Graffiti)

Graffiti Alley See Part 2 of the Long family at the wildflower fields here. Okay, don't these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I'm not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some...

Blake and Kelly are engaged!

Okay imagine the perfect fall weather, a cute cozy Michigan cider mill, the cutest couple ever, beautiful red barns, and even a cute puppy! This was the scene for this adorable engagement! Blake and Kelly go to cider mills often together, and this time was one they will never forget! Kelly was bolting straight for that donut house when Blake stopped her and gave her the real treat! She was definitely surprised and the ring was gorgeous. Congrats to them, the best times are coming!

Jon and Hannah Engagements – Ru Inn

Jon and Hannah Engagements – Ru Inn

This adorable couple was so great and cute in front of the camera! Jon, Hannah, and I went to Ru In in St Anthony for these engagement pics. The weather was perfect for us, despite it raining all the day before and even right after the shoot! I love how you can just tell they are so darn happy=) so excited to follow them through this whole wedding!

If you would like to view all of their engagement images, click here.

Fall Engagements at Twin Bridges

Jaleesa and Craig’s Engagements

Fall was in perfect swing when we took Jaleesa and Craig’s engagement photos! We traveled south of Rexburg to a location called Twin Bridges. The weather was seriously just perfect, this couple must have been doing something right!

They were so cute together, and did not get camera shy, I loved it! You could just tell they were fun and in love and loved to be silly together. I love when that personality shows through.

San Francisco Engagements

Mike and Mary Beth San Fran Engagements

This engagement trip to San Francisco for my best friend’s engagement shoot was incredible! I loved the city lights, and especially Baker Beach! We were able to get some beautiful shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and also at the Palace of Fine Arts. I loved all the different looks that San Francisco offered.

Mary Beth, my beautiful best friend, is marrying Mike in October, and I am so excited for them! We all met in San Fran for their engagements, and just had a blast together. Though, I will not miss the California roads.

Seriously, check these out!

Kaitlyn and Derek – Salt Lake Engagements

Salt Lake Engagements

Kaitlin and Derek were a blast to work with. They looked amazing, they were fun to talk to, and it was my first engagement shoot in Salt Lake City! The city streets, buildings, and parks looked so great and they pulled off the look so well!

Kaitlin and Derek met in high school, went on missions, and then came home and got engaged. I love my job, it’s so easy to see how in love they are and it is so contagious.

Sam and Emily – Engagements

Ru Inn St Anthony Engagements

I seriously love my job. Sam and Emily’s engagements pictures were so fun to take, and I was shocked at how natural of posers they were! They were just so happy and in love, they just melted into perfect engagements poses. I am so excited they have decided to get married!

We took these pictures in St. Anthony, at the Ru Inn hotel, and the waterfall just next to it! You can get so many different engagement looks there all in one little location! Congrats you two, and thank you for letting me take your engagement pictures!

Megan and Michael – Salt Lake Engagements

Megan and Michael – Salt Lake Engagements

This is the first engagement shoot I have done since I’ve moved to Utah, and I loved it! We went to the Peace Gardens, near Salt Lake City. And oh my goodness, this couple was adorable. They would be sitting in a pose, and he would just say “I just want to kiss her!” and they were laughing and having a great time. Truly a happy couple that is meant to be together.

The weather, the Peace Gardens, the outfits, their charisma, everything was working in our favor. Congrats to the happy couple who will be getting married in August!

Shakira and Jason | Sand Dune Engagements

Shakira and Jason | Sand Dune Engagements

Jason and Shakira were seriously a gorgeous couple! We took their engagement pictures at the sand dunes, and the sagebrush and sand made for some unique and beautiful images! The weather was beautiful too, so we didn’t have to worry about sand in the face! Just a nice realizing day at the sand dunes!

They were so easy to make look good and it felt more like friends we were talking with rather than a photo session. Congrats to these two, marriage is the best! Check them out! Seriously! So good looking together!