Meadow Barn at Country Orchards

The smell of a fresh apple orchard, summer skies and a breeze to match, a barn in the midst of it all, if this isn’t a picture perfect wedding I don’t know what is. Meadow Barn at Country Orchards is a stunning venue, and I couldn’t believe the full ripe apple trees that surrounded the barn and the ceremony. Allyson had on a perfect dress and veil that was to DIE for in that soft breeze, just wow.

Dallas and Allyson were married on this perfect day surrounded by friends and family, and it was an honor to be a part of the day and get these amazing photographs. The flowers will die, the food will digest, the venue will be empty, but these photos allow this day to stay alive and will live forever. Be sure to look for the image where her veil flew up and around the both of them all of a sudden, we had lots of fun =)