Welcome, Brielle!

Brielle’s newborn pictures were an absolute breeze. I know I’m her mother and I may be biased, but she was awake, alert, never cried, and sometimes even posed on her own! She definitely got her mom and dad’s modeling genes. Her newborn photos were taken in our living room, simple and quick memories, just the way I like it. It’s funny to see how much my photography has improved since she was born, and how much my life has too. =)

She was born at 10:10pm, weighing 8 lbs 1 oz, and was 21 inches long. I have no idea how this sweet little girl fit inside me, but we are so happy to have her in our life. Check out this sweet angel.


If you would like a custom image like the first one below, email me! I can make you one for $40 to announce your new angel. It’s very likely you will get it back in the same day so you can tell the world as soon as you want! You don’t even have to live close to me, just send me a high quality picture that is well lit of your little one and I can take care of the rest. The following are examples of ones I have done for other people. You can customize anything about it.

Brielle’s Newborn Photo Session