Dallas + Allyson Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of Dallas and Allyson Kelding! Click on an image to view the gallery. BRIDALS CEREMONY Wedding Prep GROUP PICTURES...

Dallas + Allyson Bridals Preview

Meadow Barn at Country Orchards The smell of a fresh apple orchard, summer skies and a breeze to match, a barn in the midst of it all, if this isn't a picture perfect wedding I don't know what is. Meadow Barn at Country Orchards is a stunning venue, and I couldn't...

Dyal Family

Detroit Family The Dyal family is at a very exciting time in their life. One child is engaged, one is headed to college, and they are transitioning their family life for the better and adding new people and experiences. This may well be the very last time it will be...

The Bannos

4 Year Anniversary - Palmer Park, Michigan Weddings are great and should be celebrated, but what is really worth celebrating are anniversaries. Another year of ups and downs, another year closer, and another year together. I loved seeing the happiness and connection...

Lichtenberg Family

At Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, Michigan I love the drumroll of a waiting family expecting another member. Their son is such an adventurous cutie, and mommy looks amazing with that little baby bump. And it's going to be a girl! They were a very sweet and contagiously happy...

Smoke Bombs and Sparklers

SMOKE GRENADE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Okay, it just doesn't get more fun than this. As if the beauty of the urban and rural of Michigan wasn't enough, add smoke bombs and a little fashion into the mix and things get really fun real fast. Using smoke bombs...

Samir Baptism

I love seeing friends and family all gather together to celebrate something, and this little guy was definitely worth celebrating! Little baby Samir was adorable, and seriously loved having his picture taken. Samir was baptized on August 12th, 2017 surrounded by his...

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Wildflowers)

Okay, don’t these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I’m not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some amazing places! This section of wildflower field was open to the public, beautiful, huge, and so close to town. That’s one thing I love about Michigan, the city life and country life are never far apart.

The Longs Take Ann Arbor (Graffiti)

Graffiti Alley See Part 2 of the Long family at the wildflower fields here. Okay, don't these two look exactly like Ken and Barbie? And I'm not just saying that because she is my best friend. The Longs and I went to Ann Arbor for their family pictures, and found some...

Baby Tanner

Baby Tanner Newborn Photography Baby Tanner (Tanner Rex, how cute is T-Rex?!) was born this last month and is such a doll. He definitely did not like me moving him constantly and not being cuddled by his parents, but with lots of milk and convincing he even opened his...

Fairy Mia

I absolutely love when clients want to have some fun and really get creative with their photos. Sweet little Mia here wanted to be a Fairy, and so we did just that! It’s so fun to see fairy tales come true! We went into the woods and into the flowers for her shoot, here in Woodhaven and Southgate, Michigan.

The beautiful little flower wreath on her head was actually her mother’s when she was a little girl, how sweet is that?! Little fairy Mia is to die for, and look at those eyes!!

Sister Bennett – Micronesia Guam

Emily Bennett, my little sister, will soon become Sister Bennett as she has been called to serve an LDS mission in Micronesia Guam! She leaves this October, and I am absolutely positive she is ready. She’s studying, learning about their culture, focused on Christ, and absolutely excited. I will miss her terribly, but I know she will do amazing things and come back an even better person because of this choice and commitment she has made. Take a look at her radiant self, it seeps from the inside out.

Hannah’s Seniors

My last baby sister is all grown up and a senior! When did that happen?! And how old does that make me? We traveled across the country for her senior pictures and hit some amazing places including Lake Michigan, Traverse City, Lighthouses, Palmyra NY, and all over Michigan.

Hannah is also a photographer, and is following in her oldest sister’s footsteps (yay!) and doing some awesome image and design work in high school. I can’t wait to see where she goes in her life. Check out our awesome trip below!

Matthew + Tate Wedding

I’ve never photographed a couple who were made for each other more than these two. It’s so easy to see that they are best friends. Not only are they special, but my family! I’ve gained another sister and she couldn’t be more cool. (and beautiful, seriously)

The wedding was held in our Aunt’s backyard, which looked beautiful! Our Aunt was also the one to marry them, and there were happy tears everywhere. The weather was perfect, the day was relaxing, and the people were so fun to meet and re-connect with.

Aubrey’s Seniors – Elizabeth Park MI

Aubrey’s Senior shoot was a collection of little miracles. There had been storms everywhere all day, but they all seemed to stop right above the location where we were shooting, Elizabeth Park. It started sprinkling twice, but it went away within 10 minutes. The light worked well, and at the end we got an amazing sunset over the river that we just could not stop looking at. It’s a good reminder that when things are hard in life or things seem to be going wrong that there are little miracles everywhere, and every stage is beautiful. Good luck to Aubrey in these next few years of her life!