Ana Belt – Senior Pictures

It’s starting to get really beautiful here in Michigan, just in time for these BEAUTIFUL senior pictures of Ana. We got a sunny, windless, warm perfect day at Elizabeth park. Her sister came along which was great to have another pair of eyes to watch for hair or outfit flaws, they are both such sweet girls. I especially love their hair, they are like real life Rapunzels!

Southeast Michigan Blossoms

I love when the trees and bushes start to Blossom (finally) here in Southeast Michigan because it means that photography season is here again! And what a way to start it off. We took these in a parking lot, if you can believe it or not, here in Southgate. It’s so great to be able to have the skills to make any place look beautiful. (As if these trees and these girls aren’t beautiful already!) I hope you are enjoying the spring weather as much as I am, and feel free to contact me if you need any updated photos or have a wedding coming up.

The Burton Family – Baby Boy #3

When you’re this good at making little boys, you get three in a row. The Burton’s welcomed their third little man into the family last week and he definitely pushed my baby-hungriness over the edge. The Burtons are amazing because they are very real. If the house is messy or clean, they are in their pjs or dressed for church, they are focused on each other and are contagiously happy.

I loved this shoot (not just because it was a workout enough to skip the gym that day) because the boys are silly and wild, and the parents have a job to do to get everyone to settle down and cooperate. There were many giggles, and those are the memories we want to hold on to, not just the perfect posed smiles. And shout out to grandma for helping round up the monkeys, what would we do without you.

Newborn Baby Gardner

Newborn Baby Gardner A new baby came home to Southgate, Michigan this week and mommies hold on to your little girls, he's a stud! Sweet baby E was over 10lbs, and 22 inches long! He has tons of handsome wrinkles, and is as perfect looking as can be. Welcome to the...

Photo Booth Fun at the Multi-Stake Dance

Photo Booth Fun at the Multi-Stake Dance A big thank you to everyone who had some fun with me! The decorations were on point, the music was awesome, but the kids were the best part. I love seeing personalities come out in photos. Feel free to share these and do what...

Lee Family Pictures – Southeast Michigan

This miracle of 60 degree weather in February has brought more than just outdoor walks, but some fun photoshoots as well! The Lee family, guys, they are so cute. They’ve got their little boy S and a little boy E on the way! We broke out an old tricycle, an old fire truck car, and lots of silly tricks to get him to smile, but I love the way these turned out. Such a beautiful day, beautiful light, and beautiful family. So my southeast Michigan friends, with spring on the way, don’t forget to grab a spot on my calendar to update those photos and get some fun shots you will cherish for years to come.

Merry Christmas from Brielle

This girl is just too cute not to take pictures of, and Christmas called for a fun theme so we simply wish you a Merry Christmas from little Brielle! She loved all of the lights and I love how the light played back with her.

Background Swap – Creative Senior Shoot

My sister Emily and I wanted to do more of her senior pictures, but ran into a classic problem. It was cold, ugly, and windy outside and we didn’t want to go drive anywhere amazing. Typical day in Rexburg. But we wanted to take some senior pictures before I left back for Michigan!

Then I thought of a way to get around it. I have already been to amazing places. So for her senior pictures we went to Moab, the mountains, Bannack Montana, Michigan, Island Park, and several parks without even leaving our living room. I gathered the images with cool backgrounds, and then took an image of her that matched the lighting in the photo, and added her in! It was definitely different and a fun new way to go about being lazy haha. Some are better than the others, but it was fun!
(All images have the background replaced, but these first few are examples are so you can see what I am talking about.)

Newborn Baby D

It’s a cold day here in Michigan but don’t worry, I got to snuggle with my friend’s new baby girl, and it was wonderful! We took her newborn pictures from the warmth of my home and us now 6 girls (Me and my daughter, my friend and her three daughters) had a party. No boys allowed! =)

Portela Family

Congrats to the Portela family and their new little addition!! They were all so cute, and the older brother and sister were both so cute with him and knew just what to do. It was the first snow of the year but we were cozy inside with this sweet family! I just love the one with his little hands and his little feet, man this is gonna make me baby hungry again.

Lowder Family – North Bay Park

These guys literally got the last warm day of the year for their family pictures. It was 72 degrees and it is below freezing for the rest of the week. We went to North Bay Park on Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, and it was absolutely stunning! The Lowder family have a few children that have already left the nest, but these 3 boys and their parents were ready to party.

Blake and Kelly are engaged!

Okay imagine the perfect fall weather, a cute cozy Michigan cider mill, the cutest couple ever, beautiful red barns, and even a cute puppy! This was the scene for this adorable engagement! Blake and Kelly go to cider mills often together, and this time was one they will never forget! Kelly was bolting straight for that donut house when Blake stopped her and gave her the real treat! She was definitely surprised and the ring was gorgeous. Congrats to them, the best times are coming!

Talbert Family Pictures

Okay I loved this shoot. The leaves were perfect, it was 65 degrees in November, they dressed perfectly, and their little girl was a cutie! We went to Hines Park Drive and it was so relaxing! We walked from stunning tree to stunning tree and spent most of our time trying to get Lucy to not be camera shy haha. She loved her mommy and candy, but who doesn’t?

Ford Family Pictures

Ford Family Pictures The Ford family was absolutely adorable and the prime of fall in Southeast Michigan was to die for! It was pretty cold, but the kids were troopers! Their little girl Brielle was an absolute DOLL and Zane was so cute with his daddy. We took their...

Burton Family – Fall Leaves in Downriver Michigan

The Burtons are close friends of ours, and have the cutest little boys! Soon to be 3 little boys! We waited for the prime of fall here in Southeast Michigan and took their family pictures at the Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan. It was a little chilly but these boys will definitely cheese a huge smile for their parents! And the pictures with the AMAZING red tree was at our church parking lot. That’s right, we did a shoot in a parking lot. And it was awesome.