Portela Family

Congrats to the Portela family and their new little addition!! They were all so cute, and the older brother and sister were both so cute with him and knew just what to do. It was the first snow of the year but we were cozy inside with this sweet family! I just love the one with his little hands and his little feet, man this is gonna make me baby hungry again.

Lowder Family – North Bay Park

These guys literally got the last warm day of the year for their family pictures. It was 72 degrees and it is below freezing for the rest of the week. We went to North Bay Park on Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, and it was absolutely stunning! The Lowder family have a few children that have already left the nest, but these 3 boys and their parents were ready to party.

Blake and Kelly are engaged!

Okay imagine the perfect fall weather, a cute cozy Michigan cider mill, the cutest couple ever, beautiful red barns, and even a cute puppy! This was the scene for this adorable engagement! Blake and Kelly go to cider mills often together, and this time was one they will never forget! Kelly was bolting straight for that donut house when Blake stopped her and gave her the real treat! She was definitely surprised and the ring was gorgeous. Congrats to them, the best times are coming!

Talbert Family Pictures

Okay I loved this shoot. The leaves were perfect, it was 65 degrees in November, they dressed perfectly, and their little girl was a cutie! We went to Hines Park Drive and it was so relaxing! We walked from stunning tree to stunning tree and spent most of our time trying to get Lucy to not be camera shy haha. She loved her mommy and candy, but who doesn’t?

Ford Family Pictures

Ford Family Pictures The Ford family was absolutely adorable and the prime of fall in Southeast Michigan was to die for! It was pretty cold, but the kids were troopers! Their little girl Brielle was an absolute DOLL and Zane was so cute with his daddy. We took their...

Burton Family – Fall Leaves in Downriver Michigan

The Burtons are close friends of ours, and have the cutest little boys! Soon to be 3 little boys! We waited for the prime of fall here in Southeast Michigan and took their family pictures at the Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan. It was a little chilly but these boys will definitely cheese a huge smile for their parents! And the pictures with the AMAZING red tree was at our church parking lot. That’s right, we did a shoot in a parking lot. And it was awesome.

Fisher Family – Urban Decay in Detroit

This was such an amazingly fun shoot. Not only was it my first shoot in Detroit with that amazing grunge urban decay look, but the family came with ideas of their own that made the whole experience amazing! We started out at the Historic King Solomon Church. I loved the outside, it gave us some amazing textures! There was even an old piano on the side which was PERFECT for this family full of musicians!

We also went to some nearby old buildings that had that urban decay look. It’s crazy how bad the downfall of Detroit really was. You don’t believe it until you see it. There were so many houses that were totally trashed. From a photographer’s perspective it was AWESOME and it was super grungy and cool haha, but it was also sad to see so much abandonment. We also went to an awesome graffiti overpass at the end that Sam found, and it was the last perfect cherry on top of this urban family shoot! What a bunch of talented cuties.

Douglass Family – Maybury State Park

The cutest family, and the most gorgeous location! Maybury State Park was in it’s fall prime, and everywhere you went was beautiful. Their little boy Everett was a charmer too, he would look at me the entire time, and then easily show his big sparkly smile every time his parents played with him. We took a walk through Mayburg State Park and played in the leaves, it was a wonderful morning!

Cook Family Pictures

The Cook family was so easy to shoot! Their kids were ready to brave the cold and play in the leaves. We took their images just outside their house in Canton, Michigan. They were cute and enjoyed making each other laugh for the pictures. It must have been the bribe for ice cream afterwards…

Templeton Family – Fall in Canton

This family was so adorable! We took their family pictures just across the street from their house in the beautiful Canton, Michigan. I love when people want to shoot somewhere that has memory and meaning! We had a fun time playing in the leaves, playing hide and seek, and even ring around the rosies. Sweet little Mia wanted me to play afterward, and gave me the big sad lip when I told her I had to go haha. What a sweet family!

Gabe’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

Gabe's 1st Birthday Cake Smash! Gabe had his 1st Birthday!!! And we celebrated with a cake smash photo shoot! Why don't they do this for every...

Smith Family Pictures – Ford Lake

Smith Family Pictures – Ford Lake

My first family shoot in Michigan, and boy did we have a blast at the beautiful Ford Lake in Ypsilanti. The Smith family is from Canton, Michigan, and have one cute little boy. He is almost 1 year old! I loved the fall colors that were starting to rear up, and the low light of a summer evening made it so yummy. Take a look at the top images from this session, and feel free to contact me if you’d like to get together and update some of your own pictures!

Emily – Downtown Senior Pictures

Emily - Downtown Senior Pictures I was so lucky to do Emily's pictures before heading to Michigan! We went downtown for her senior pictures, and she was hot stuff. It was pretty windy and we had a crack up time trying to get the reflector to not blow us away, but we...

Nick and Clarissa Wedding Bridals

Nick and Clarissa are seriously so happy and cute. We played a lot in the sunshine for these wedding bridal pictures, and I think it is a great representation of their relationship. They are why I love doing what I do=) We took their bridal images in the Provo Canyon and also at the Provo City Center Temple. It was my last photo shoot before moving to Michigan, thank you for a grand finale!

Leah’s Senior Pictures

Leah's Senior Pictures Leah is such a babe! We took her senior pictures at the Gardens, and it was just magical. The light was yummy, and she is so fun to be with=) She is friends with my sister Emily, who is also a senior! Where has the time gone! I wish her the best...