Sister Bennett – Micronesia Guam

Emily Bennett, my little sister, will soon become Sister Bennett as she has been called to serve an LDS mission in Micronesia Guam! She leaves this October, and I am absolutely positive she is ready. She’s studying, learning about their culture, focused on Christ, and absolutely excited. I will miss her terribly, but I know she will do amazing things and come back an even better person because of this choice and commitment she has made. Take a look at her radiant self, it seeps from the inside out.

Hannah’s Seniors

My last baby sister is all grown up and a senior! When did that happen?! And how old does that make me? We traveled across the country for her senior pictures and hit some amazing places including Lake Michigan, Traverse City, Lighthouses, Palmyra NY, and all over Michigan.

Hannah is also a photographer, and is following in her oldest sister’s footsteps (yay!) and doing some awesome image and design work in high school. I can’t wait to see where she goes in her life. Check out our awesome trip below!

Matthew + Tate Wedding

I’ve never photographed a couple who were made for each other more than these two. It’s so easy to see that they are best friends. Not only are they special, but my family! I’ve gained another sister and she couldn’t be more cool. (and beautiful, seriously)

The wedding was held in our Aunt’s backyard, which looked beautiful! Our Aunt was also the one to marry them, and there were happy tears everywhere. The weather was perfect, the day was relaxing, and the people were so fun to meet and re-connect with.

Aubrey’s Seniors – Elizabeth Park MI

Aubrey’s Senior shoot was a collection of little miracles. There had been storms everywhere all day, but they all seemed to stop right above the location where we were shooting, Elizabeth Park. It started sprinkling twice, but it went away within 10 minutes. The light worked well, and at the end we got an amazing sunset over the river that we just could not stop looking at. It’s a good reminder that when things are hard in life or things seem to be going wrong that there are little miracles everywhere, and every stage is beautiful. Good luck to Aubrey in these next few years of her life!

Newborn Baby Brielle

A new little baby girl has entered this beautiful Michigan world, and she is baby #5 in this family! I loved working twice with this family this month, and with 5 young kids these shoots were as crazy and as fun as you can imagine.

DeFatta Maternity – Willow Metropark

DeFatta Maternity - Willow Metropark A close to one chapter, and a beginning of another. I love maternity shoots, it's a celebration of life as it is, and excitement as you start a new life with a new member of the family. And I think it goes without saying that there...

The Meiners – Elizabeth Park

The Meiners - Elizabeth Park The Meiners family moved to Michigan the same time we did, and we have been closely knit ever since. We live across the street from each other, and our two little daughters have become best friends! Their daughter's first word (besides...

Stewart Family – Willow Metropark

Gosh have you ever seen a better looking family? Not only did the Stewart family look on point, but the weather and the location played out perfectly for us as well. Sweet little baby S was well behaved, and we even got a few smiles out of her which was great since she usually has her classic “crusty” face haha. We went to Willow Metropark and it was beautiful, the beautiful birds literally echoed through all the trees. This family is so kind to everyone and definitely need to be models, agreed?

Baby Elliott

I love this family. I had the chance to do some family photos a few months ago, before their sweet baby Elliott came and joined! His older brother is so so sweet to him, and couldn’t smile long enough for the camera before he’d be trying to look at his brother again. The entire family looks so young and great, and I always love the kindness and happiness they bring each time I see them. Welcome to the world baby E!

Ana Belt – Senior Pictures

It’s starting to get really beautiful here in Michigan, just in time for these BEAUTIFUL senior pictures of Ana. We got a sunny, windless, warm perfect day at Elizabeth park. Her sister came along which was great to have another pair of eyes to watch for hair or outfit flaws, they are both such sweet girls. I especially love their hair, they are like real life Rapunzels!

Southeast Michigan Blossoms

I love when the trees and bushes start to Blossom (finally) here in Southeast Michigan because it means that photography season is here again! And what a way to start it off. We took these in a parking lot, if you can believe it or not, here in Southgate. It’s so great to be able to have the skills to make any place look beautiful. (As if these trees and these girls aren’t beautiful already!) I hope you are enjoying the spring weather as much as I am, and feel free to contact me if you need any updated photos or have a wedding coming up.

The Burton Family – Baby Boy #3

When you’re this good at making little boys, you get three in a row. The Burton’s welcomed their third little man into the family last week and he definitely pushed my baby-hungriness over the edge. The Burtons are amazing because they are very real. If the house is messy or clean, they are in their pjs or dressed for church, they are focused on each other and are contagiously happy.

I loved this shoot (not just because it was a workout enough to skip the gym that day) because the boys are silly and wild, and the parents have a job to do to get everyone to settle down and cooperate. There were many giggles, and those are the memories we want to hold on to, not just the perfect posed smiles. And shout out to grandma for helping round up the monkeys, what would we do without you.

Newborn Baby Gardner

Newborn Baby Gardner A new baby came home to Southgate, Michigan this week and mommies hold on to your little girls, he's a stud! Sweet baby E was over 10lbs, and 22 inches long! He has tons of handsome wrinkles, and is as perfect looking as can be. Welcome to the...

Photo Booth Fun at the Multi-Stake Dance

Photo Booth Fun at the Multi-Stake Dance A big thank you to everyone who had some fun with me! The decorations were on point, the music was awesome, but the kids were the best part. I love seeing personalities come out in photos. Feel free to share these and do what...

Lee Family Pictures – Southeast Michigan

This miracle of 60 degree weather in February has brought more than just outdoor walks, but some fun photoshoots as well! The Lee family, guys, they are so cute. They’ve got their little boy S and a little boy E on the way! We broke out an old tricycle, an old fire truck car, and lots of silly tricks to get him to smile, but I love the way these turned out. Such a beautiful day, beautiful light, and beautiful family. So my southeast Michigan friends, with spring on the way, don’t forget to grab a spot on my calendar to update those photos and get some fun shots you will cherish for years to come.