Before and After Editing – Wedding and Engagement Style

Oh how I love editing! To be able to give an image extra life and to also fix common problems is an absolute gem when it comes to photography. These before and after images are a collection of my most dramatic and popular wedding and engagement photos. Don’t you want a photographer that you can trust has the skills to make your photos perfect, and even spice a few up to be extra special? I love being able to give people beautiful skin or to take trash or people out of the background, and using editing to get creative is even better! Check out the before and after images below by clicking the slider and dragging it left or right to see the before and after images.

The beautiful bride Klarissa back before I didn’t know how to use lighting haha. But editing saved the day!


This original was what I got from my photographer for my wedding. I was able to salvage it and turn it into the memory I remember!


All the people and the boring background didn’t stop me from turning this into something amazing.


You can tell from the original how cold, dreary, and windy this shot was!


Sometimes all a photo needs is a simple sky overlay. All skies in these images are mine.


I loved this wedding, and adding warmth and a little snow just adds that touch of magic!


Taking an ugly place and turning it into a magical shot is a challenge I love to master!


Here is another one from my wedding! My veil looked good in the other shots!


This was the most amazing moment. We were walking around and all of a sudden beams of light came through and lit up the dust in the air, and I threw the couple in front of it and started having her turn her dress around. Even though the light didn’t show on camera it was there in real life, and I just had to bring that magic back.


This view was marvelous, except for those darn windows and nasty indoor colors!


A little lighting magic!


This was a killer shot, but we happened to get it shooting the other direction (not with the barn in the back) but don’t worry! I know how to fix that!


Another sky replacement and a warmer lighter picture! A great skill to find in a photographer.


A quick one at the reception. Horrible dark indoor lighting can be manipulated slightly to become something beautiful.