Megan Kelly Testimonials

“Megan, you are so incredibly talented! You are seriously the world’s best TA! What challenge can I give you next? Every time I show you something and ask if you can try it, you do a better job than the pros we study. Move over Lindsay Adler and Joel Grimes! Megan Kelly is here to stay!”
-Caryn Esplin


“Megan is an amazing photographer. Her pictures are stunning, and she has great ideas. She is so fun to work with. She has the best personality for working with other people. She’s friendly, and works around your schedule. She’s good with kids and adults which is a plus. She is very patient with kids when they aren’t cooperating. If you have to reschedule, she finds a time that will work better for you. After she takes your pictures, she always posts a sneak peek which I love, and then you get the cd within days. She is super fast at editing and always makes you look your best. She’s very good with posing. She’s also great at finding locations to take the pictures at. Another thing I love is that she’s good at all different types of pictures, not just one style. Weddings, engagements, birthdays, senior pictures, you name it. She does great with all of them. Although she is young, I would definitely say she is as good, if not better, than older more experienced photographers. She is so sweet, easy to work with, and majorly talented. She also has decent pricing, so you get great quality for a much better price than other photographers. I’m so happy I’ve had so many chances to work with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. I give her a 10 out of 10 for sure.”
-Reagan Dennis


“I had my Senior pictures taken by Megan Kelly and they turned out amazing! She was really flexible and easy to work with. If it was bad weather etc. we easily scheduled another time. I really love her unique style and the quality.¬†Another thing I appreciated when we were doing the photoshoots was she helped show me how to pose, and what location/lighting would look best. She also was super easygoing on outfit changes, and i had a blast modeling my prom dress and cello! I was really impressed and pleased with how my pictures turned out, If your looking for a photographer that is very creative and unique I recommend her!”
-Ashley Rigby


Megan is one of the sweetest and highly talented photographers I am grateful to know. She took my wedding pictures and knew what poses were cute and sincere. She even asked for our recommendations and respected our decisions. Megan knows what is good in a picture and is very knowledgeable how to design them. Megan Kelly is a gem.
-Sonia Billadeau