About Megan Kelly

About Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly, Photographer, Professional, Retoucher, IdahoMegan Kelly, Photographer, Professional, Retoucher, IdahoMy name is Megan Kelly, and I am a professional photographer based in Southeast Michigan. I have done photography for 4 years, and absolutely love it. I graduated from BYU-Idaho majoring in Visual Communication, which combines graphic design, photography, web design, social media, and other design skills all into one. I am not only a photographer, but a freelance designer as well working on projects such as college course design, book publishing, announcements, etc.

I married on September 6, 2013 to Zachary Kelly. We actually met because of photography! Our love story can be found here. Zachary Kelly graduated in  mechanical engineering, and is very talented especially with cars. He also loves Jeeping, which goes perfect with my love for landscapes and adventure. We had a baby girl in January and she fits perfectly in our little family.

I love being outdoors, teaching, adventure, glitter, volleyball, my goldendoodle, and being creative. Feel free to message me about anything and thank you for visiting!

Megan has accomplished the following in her 4 years of experience:

  • Won 2nd place in the retouching category at Photoshop World in Las Vegas.
  • Awarded Gordon B. Hinckley Award, and Deseret Visual Media Scholarship Award.
  • Photographed over 30 weddings
  • Head Teaching Assistant and top in her class of her major, first and only Teaching Assistant to be hired their first semester.
  • Entered 10 images in the Idaho State Fair Advanced Amateur category and came out with 9 ribbons, 6 of which were first place.
  • A two-time published finalist in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine “Best of Photography”
  • Also she’s just a freaking awesome person.