Megan Kelly

Hello everyone! Let’s not be strangers, I don’t just do this for a living, or because it’s fun, but for the relationships. Most of the clients I shoot I end up growing close to and really connecting to their life and their family. And that’s important in someone who is supposed to be capturig your life, isn’t it? So here is my side of the story. I’m a professional photographer and graphic designer based in southeast Michigan. I have done photography for 5 years, and absolutely love it. I graduated from BYU-Idaho majoring in Visual Communication, which combines graphic design, photography, web design, social media, and other design skills all into one and enjoyed every second (yes, including the homework!).  

I married Prince Charming on September 6, 2013, and he is literally the most happy and amazing thing in my life in the most cheesy way possible. It’s amazing when you find that someone who was hand crafted just for you, and it’s a big reason I love shooting weddings so much. We actually met because of photography! Our love story can be found here, it’s quite the story haha. You can see more about our little family below. I also love being outdoors, teaching, traveling, woodworking (farmhouse style baby!), volleyball, geology, and being creative. Feel free to message me about anything and thank you for visiting!


Zack has a degree in mechanical engineering and has an obsession and huge talent for anything and everything cars. He particularly loves off-roading in his Jeep. He currently works for Ford and is such a fun daddy and makes me laugh all the time.